Studs Terkel Award

This year, "The Life and Death of Crystal Wilson" won the Studs Terkel award. The press release is below: 


May 1, 2014


2014 Working Class Studies Association Awards for work produced in 2013



Jack Metzgar, Past President and 2014 Awards coordinator



Each year, the Working Class Studies Association (WCSA) issues a number of awards to recognize the best new work in the field of working-class studies. The review process is organized by the past-president of the WCSA, and submissions are judged by a panel of three readers for each of the categories of awards.  The results now are in for the 2014 annual WCSA Awards for significant contributions to working-class studies in the year 2013. The winners are listed below along with comments from the judges.  Together these books and articles demonstrate the scope and vitality of cultural and scholarly production in working-class studies, and serve as an inspiration to future work in the field.


4. Studs Terkel Award for Media and Journalism

 Monica Potts, “What’s Killing Poor White Women?” The American Prospect, July/August 2013

 Judges’ comments:

 “Potts’ article on the life expectancy gap between poor white women and their privileged counterparts is very moving and puts a personal spin on the ways in which poverty can impact all aspects of life.”

 “I love how she’s getting at an emotional/spiritual dimension to class and working class/poor life experience.  The story of Crystal Wilson is gorgeously told and I like the way the writer weaves together the narrative with study findings.”

 “A powerful, sensitive and forthright story told in a non-didactic manner.”